Monday, November 12, 2012

Nightstand Treats: Cuticle Oil

Hi there! It's been quite the while since I've posted, sorry. Stuff gets in the way of other stuff and so on.

I've been meaning to post about this marvelous little beauty, Handbag Holiday by butter LONDON for some time. I was privy to an express manicure at the butter LONDON salon at SeaTac Airport, where I made my purchase. (I took advantage of the 2 treatments for $25) The treatment retails for $18 US and can be purchased at Nordstroms,,, etc.

This lightweight oil, smells delicious and doesn't even need to be rubbed in to be effective. Which is terrific because, cuticle treatments past have been goopy and sticky and a pain in the rear, at least in my opinion.
I love this mineral oil free oil as my last step before I drift off to dreamland. Keeping the bottle on my nightstand is a good reminder to use it. A simple brush-brush-brush over my nail-beds and I'm set. I haven't noticed a residue on anything like my sheets or pillowcase, but I haven't been looking either.
The cuticle oil absorbs quickly, but yes it's an oil so you can't slather on a ton and rub your eyes. Less is more, and you don't need to dip back into the bottle often to get more product.
My cuticles look hydrated in the morning and I'm quite pleased with my pampering purchase!

With the holidays looming, or for an anytime present to yourself or your favorite nail enthusiast; Handbag Holiday is an easy choice.

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