Saturday, June 27, 2015

Eye and lip products from COLOUR POP!

After seeing several Youtube Beauty Guru's posting videos on this new line of cosmetics, I decided to look into Colour Pop cosmetics. It seemed too good to be true; great color payoff, long wear, all for under $10 a piece??? BUT IT SEEMS TO BE TRUE! I went ahead and ordered 3 shadows and 2 lip sticks, the swatches are below.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows are super cushiony. It's almost like putting your finger on velvet pudding mousse. Because of their formula, you have to keep the lid on tight. Like the box says "Keep the magic in, close jar tightly after use" and I can completely understand why. These are the softest shadows I've ever felt! They can be used with fingers or with synthetic brushes. They recommend using the finger first to give better color payoff then blending out. I can't wait to play around with them other than the swatches! 

The first eyeshadow is Bill (on the left). It's a very soft almost fleshy-warm toned muted brown taupe. It comes off as almost pink. It's going to be a great wash color or transition crease color

The next color is simply spectacular. It's called Cricket. Normally I don't go for glittery/shimmer shadows, but this one just called to me. It's a gorgeous purple/wine metallic that is going to be stellar as a mobile lid wash of color.
The third shadow I got was Girl Crush. A muted  and dusty blue based taupe (think I love a good taupe?? YES) it almost comes off as a gray that will be a good transition or crease color. Though I'm thinking I could use it on it's own as a color wash too!
NEXT TO LIPPIES! I LOVE lipsticks that are easy to put on and build, each was swatched 3x to get the full color payoff. The tubes are skinny like a pen, slanted for easy precision and are twist ups. SO GREAT! The pigments are great, I can't wait to see how long they wear!

First up is Button. An easy neutral coral, I can easily see myself wearing this throughout the Summer into Fall. Very wearable but not nude, gives a good color for my fair skin. (Don't be fooled, for some reason I look tan in these pictures, I'm really pale in person.)

As I was shopping, I came across Frida. On the website it's billed as a "A warm mid tone nude pink with a satin finish" and that's true, but on ME it's much brighter, as you can see next to Button. It's coming across much more Pink Lemonade and it's SO CUTE! I love how it's so solid and playful, it's just warm enough to really show off my lips without a ton of effort.
So here's the swatches in a different light to try and show the beautiful colors, top to bottom: Bill, Cricket, Girl Crush, Frida lippie and Button lippie. 
Each eyeshadow and lippie were $5 US each. THAT'S IT. FIVE BUCKS!! When I placed my order, they had a free shipping with every $30 order in the US so SCORE! Colour Pop is made in Los Angeles so it was only a few days wait until my order showed up at my mailbox. I'm really looking forward to wearing all of these! 

And CHECK THIS OUT (from the Colour Pop website)

PS. We are 100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved, and only test our products on humans – the ones in our HQ to be exact.

How great is that??? Go check out Colour Pop and take a look! You might find out you love this line as much as I do!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nighttime BB Cream? What?

Being a Birchbox subscriber, I love trying all the new product samples they send me!
I'd heard fantastic things about the brand Dr Jart+ and was eager to try one of their BB creams. So when the option to choose my sample came up, I chose the Dr Jart+ for my May Birchbox because they offered a product called Dr Jart+ BB Night Beauty Balm.

Dr. Jart+ BB Night Beauty Balm
photo from
I like the concept of this: a nighttime BB cream that's light, especially during hot summer nights where even the thought of using a nighttime moisturizer causes my skin to slick up faster than a paper towel blotting a piece of pizza.

But this has color/tint. That was a mistake.

If I'm supposed to sleep in it, I don't want to wake up and see a smeared version of my face on my pillowcase. It's just a disturbing thought.

And let's talk about that tint: it made my face a completely different color than my neck and the rest of me. As in, I looked like I'd tried to self tan my face. In order to actually wear this product, I would have to use powder or tinted moisturizer to color correct it, defeating the purpose of being a "sleep time" product. Granted, I'm on the cusp of "ghostly fair" skinned; so most self-adjusting products end up all kinds of wrong on me. But still, I wouldn't touch this unless you are warmer/yellow toned and tan easily; because if you are pale? The potential of the dreaded mask look; it's pretty much guaranteed.

I will say that I did like the texture, it was very light and almost felt like a serum. If there was a colorless option, I would probably have purchased it for when the temperature's climb.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Solving acne: The Easy Way

I've never been shy about my experience with acne. Whiteheads, blackheads, the dreaded cystic. I've had it all and even as an adult, continue to have to deal with these f*ckers.
All my weapons against zits have been topical and over the counter. I've been to a dermatologist, but for my eczema, not for acne, so I haven't gone through the hardcore prescription stuff like Accutane or Cortisol shots, but I have had major struggles. Especially with Cystic Acne and especially when I was a teenager. I have always been willing to try anything to help.

If you've been lucky enough to never have had a cystic acne experience, I envy you, but I'll explain what they feel like. They are hard, start deep under the skin, seem to take weeks to come to a head, they throb and are so painful! There's no head to extract or try to pop or lance; you wish you had a needle because if you could just get that stuff out of there the pressure would ease and give you relief! But just because there's no visible head, doesn't mean they are invisible! Ohhh no! The skin is swollen and raised for what seems like months. Then, if you are able to get it to come to a head and manage to pop it? IT GETS WORSE! The wound takes forever to heal! You try and get all the "ick" out, if you can get the sack you consider yourself lucky; however I've had cluster cystic acne before and let me tell you, no matter how hard you try, you just aren't going to get all the sacks the first time so the infection gets worse and it's just heinous. Blech! 

Topical/over the counter spot treatments can help, but they dry out the top layers of your skin which causes redness and flaky skin, making the acne more pronounced and sometimes more painful.
I don't get the cystic acne as much as I used to, but I do still get them (and other spots). And now I have a new weapon in my arsenal.
Cut up piece of bandage!
Hydrocolloid Bandages.

What are those???
Hydrocolloid Bandages are blister band-aids! You know, those ones you use on your foot if your shoes are too tight/too loose and you wind up with a blister across the back of your heel? Yeah! Those!
I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers Rachel Whitehurst (she's awesome, but she cusses, be warned) and what she said blew my mind! Apparently she had been alerted to these helpful little beauties via Tumblr.
I immediately went to and placed an order for the Target Brand bandages, went and picked them up at my local Target (YAY site to store pickup!) and gave them a try.
Now, I didn't have a cystic zit at the time, I DID have a whitehead zit that had just surfaced and naturally I didn't take a picture of it. Because I had the dumb that day.
BUT I did what Rachel had suggested, I cut the bandage to fit (I actually made sure that the fattest part of the bandage was on the zit part) and stuck that sucker on there. I left it overnight and let me tell you that white part was completely gone the next morning!
I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!All that was left of that zit was a bit of redness that was easily covered up by my tinted moisturizer! IT'S A MIRACLE!

Ok, peeling off the well worn sticker wasn't painless, it is VERY sticky so it pulls at any teeny hair, but it's easier if you wash your face a bit first, then peel it off, then wash your face like you normally would.

How did that work???
The bandage was made to draw out moisture and any infection from a blister while cushioning the skin and not leaving it dried out. So yeah, it's pretty much the perfect product for acne that is too stubborn to rise to a head but too deep to apply anything topical to kill the infection! Now, the trick is to leave the bandage on as long as possible, that way it draws it all up into the bandage material; but walking around with a weird piece of flesh colored bandage may not be possible. So leave the piece on as long as you can, then peel it off to see if the blemish can be dealt with (extracted or treated topically). If yes, then do your thing, but if you don't want to risk scarring, leave the hydrocolloid on until you get the result you want. I didn't experience any itchiness or anything, and frankly, you know how everyone tells you "KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR ZIT" and you still touch it? Yeah, I felt confident that I could touch the bandage and NOT make my zit worse! A FIRST!

There are other options of hydrocolloid bandages available too! 
If you don't want to cut the pieces yourself, you can go to and try the Nexcare or Hydra-Band versions of a hydrocolloid bandage; these are pre-cut into varying sized circles so it's a
"peel and stick" option. I haven't tried those, and frankly the Target brand bandage that I have to cut is so much cheaper I don't mind cutting them to fit the size I need. 

So there! Something new to try that is inexpensive and fairly easy to obtain that won't cause the damage and scarring the old ways of dealing with your acne have been! Let me know if you try it and what your experiences are!