Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never fear: Bold Colors ARE Wearable!

Bold colors are always beautiful. But how one pairs them and wears them can be a challenge. Without going "Full Drag", adding bold colors can seamlessly be incorporated into your eye makeup repertoire!

Maybelline New York has really upped their game when it comes to long-wearing, affordable and easy to use products. Their EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24 hour Cream Gel Shadow works fantastic! The pigments are bright. The formula is creamy but controllable. The top layer does tend to dry out and can crumble when you're dipping into them; but once you're past that slight film, the product is undeniable.

The two brushes I used were a flat liner brush from and a lip brush by e.l.f. Cosmetics. Both are synthetic hair that stain easily. Neither one was expensive so if I need to replace them, it's no big deal.

I purchased the Tenacious Teal and Fierce and Tangy simply because I've always loved a good ocean-y blue and years ago in my stint as a makeup artist I found that bright orange is a really fun and workable color. Both colors are beautiful and really do go well together! The cool of the teal acts as a great accent color to a wash of the orange on just about everyone. Though it's not a combination that most would wear. Don't be afraid! It works!!

Using the smaller e.l.f brush, I put a small wash of the orange from my inner lid towards the outer corner. Once I had the orange placed, I used my finger to smudge the color to cover the majority of my lid. (This creates a good background for your lashes.) Next I used the flat liner brush and tap-swept the brush along the outer lid area until I'd built up a good color saturation. Going little by little ensures you can blend any mistakes away. After I'd gotten the top line, I ran the same flat liner under the lower quarter inch or so of my lower lashes. Again, it's all about contrasts. Because I'm so pale, the cool blast of teal really pops without making the undereye look heavy. (Additionally, putting a little color on the outer edge helps draw attention away from my darker undereye circles.) With the Color Tattoo products, working quickly is a must. The product sets quickly, and as promised, lasts. Zero and I mean ZERO fading. I didn't even use an eyeshadow base. These suckers are on. Next, I used the Tightlining Technique and Products from my previous post. Curled my lashes and put on a good coat of Cover Girl 24 Hour Lash Blast Mascara and I was done!

The Maybelline New York Eye Studio shadows were under $9 US each and since so little needs to be used, they will last both on my face and in my makeup case! The general rule is less is more when it comes to bold and bright colors; but don't be afraid! Play with them! They are really fun and are worth the little time it takes to get used to them! Happy painting!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Essentials: A good foundation

Foundations are tricky. The newest foundation trend is Beauty Balm, aka B.B. cream. There have been an influx of brands from drugstore to department store suddenly shouting "BB CREAM"! What is BB cream?

It's a cross between tinted moisturizer and foundation. Typically lightweight and quick drying. Working quickly is a must with BB cream. A sponge or brush isn't necessary nor is it recommended (personally) since the pigments blend out easily and evenly with just the fingertips. Additionally, a small amount, seriously the diameter of a chick-pea, is all you need for an application.

I bought the Smashbox BB cream in Light.

Here is the swatch with the approximate amount needed to cover the face. When I say "cover the face" what I mean is you start in the middle (nose/T-zone) area and blend out to your cheeks, then up and down onto the forehead and chin areas. Don't go crazy and try and put BB cream on like a regular foundation. It's not. Take a look for yourself!

Here is the before: I know, pore issues. But relatively even skin with just a little redness on my cheeks. 
And here is the end result before powder. 
BB cream definitely helps to tone down any redness immediately and give a smoother look with very little effort.

BB cream can be used as primer as well, I've yet to try it since I've found the coverage is exactly what I wanted. Something light that looks like skin but as near perfect as possible.
At $39 US, the Smashbox BB cream is pricey, but I liked the fact that so little is needed for results which means I'll be using this BB cream well into the summer and possibly fall seasons.

Have you tried any BB creams? Any thoughts or questions? Feel free to ask!