Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Essentials: A good foundation

Foundations are tricky. The newest foundation trend is Beauty Balm, aka B.B. cream. There have been an influx of brands from drugstore to department store suddenly shouting "BB CREAM"! What is BB cream?

It's a cross between tinted moisturizer and foundation. Typically lightweight and quick drying. Working quickly is a must with BB cream. A sponge or brush isn't necessary nor is it recommended (personally) since the pigments blend out easily and evenly with just the fingertips. Additionally, a small amount, seriously the diameter of a chick-pea, is all you need for an application.

I bought the Smashbox BB cream in Light.

Here is the swatch with the approximate amount needed to cover the face. When I say "cover the face" what I mean is you start in the middle (nose/T-zone) area and blend out to your cheeks, then up and down onto the forehead and chin areas. Don't go crazy and try and put BB cream on like a regular foundation. It's not. Take a look for yourself!

Here is the before: I know, pore issues. But relatively even skin with just a little redness on my cheeks. 
And here is the end result before powder. 
BB cream definitely helps to tone down any redness immediately and give a smoother look with very little effort.

BB cream can be used as primer as well, I've yet to try it since I've found the coverage is exactly what I wanted. Something light that looks like skin but as near perfect as possible.
At $39 US, the Smashbox BB cream is pricey, but I liked the fact that so little is needed for results which means I'll be using this BB cream well into the summer and possibly fall seasons.

Have you tried any BB creams? Any thoughts or questions? Feel free to ask!

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