Monday, March 26, 2012

Nailing it!

These are one of my favorite Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips I previously wrote about.

This set is called "Love Letter" and it is just lovely, it looks like an old handwritten letter and it's one of my favorite non-holiday related strips.

The popularity of the nail strips is making me really happy since they are so much easier to apply and maintain than regular liquid polish. The range of color and pattern for Sally Hansen vary store to store during each season, however Love Letter seems to be one of the staples. I'm glad because I thought it was limited to the February-Valentines patterns.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From the Infomercials: Spring Wen!!

I'm one of those people who fell for the infomercial and am now hooked for life when it comes to Wen by Chaz Dean!

I started with the regular formula Sweet Almond Mint, and ordered every single scent. All of them.

Last fall, a seasonal scent was introduced Ginger Pumpkin (the only word I can use to describe it is WARM. It smelled WARM) followed by the Winter Vanilla Mint which smelled softer than a peppermint candy, but more like a soft white chocolate mint smell.

Now it's spring, and I was apprehensive that they would go the flowery route and it would be overwhelming and I would hate it. I am happy to report that I was wrong! Well, sort of.

WEN® Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner 16oz
Photo courtesy of

The new spring scent is Spring Gardenia Green Tea and let me tell you, it is delightful!! Soft and subtle, the gardenia is not the in the fragrance forefront which made me very happy since I cannot stand overwhelming gardenia. The green tea gives a fresh, clean, but not stringent smell that makes using this Wen flavor fantastic!

The product can be used as instructed, as a cleansing conditioner, however you do have to use a lot of the product if your hair is shoulder length or longer. And it isn't cheap. The prices vary from site to site. (Available at Wen by Chaz DeanQVC, and or you can google/bing it for yourself and try to find it)

The water in my city is hard, so I use a different shampoo (le gasp! Sorry Chaz!) on occasion but I use whatever Wen is in season and/or the original Sweet Almond Mint whenever the mood strikes me, as my conditioner and leave in treatment every time I wash/condition my hair.

I've been converted, I'll be a WEN girl for life, I love love love it!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Red. Yellow. GO!

Personally I don't suffer from Rosacea, but it's a common enough problem that I feel comfortable posting about it without first hand suffer-knowledge of the issue.

That patchy redness (mainly found on caucasion skintones) can make the search for correct foundation an ordeal. While the color looks right on your lower cheeks (most commonly where foundation color is gauged) and jawline; when the foundation is applied over the reddened T-zone and cheeks, the colors can turn anywhere from ashen to bright pink and that is a major problem!

If you suffer from rosacea or require other color correction; you may have seen various creamy or powdered pallettes of dark beige, lemon yellow, pale green, soft lavendar, etc. However the texture of those sometimes make using them less than optimal. Too heavy a balm or cream and the skin can look dry and cakey. Same goes for powder; a powder is used with a fluffy brush normally used over an existing foundation/tinted moisturizer, however if you go overboard, you can't undo it. I don't recommend color correting with powder unless you're already really comfortable with it. Now, that doesn't mean the pallettes that are meant to brighten with the color correction aren't terrific! Those are great because the pigments aren't high (meaning the color isn't saturated and you won't end up with a green streak if you go heavy-handed) so you get a diffused color correction as opposed to the stright purple or green or yellow powders themselves.

photo from
My favorite product to recommend is LORAC Oil-Free Neutralizer for under foundation color correction. Used with a sponge, preferably damp (fingers or a brush wouldn't be optimal because you'll end up using too much product) a small amount of this yellowy-greeny liquid can be stippled onto just the red zones on the face. Once the neutralizer is dry (only takes a minute or two), you may use the foundation of your choice over it. Using light stippling (as all liquid foundations should be applied) you can blend blend blend your foundation on and the results are remarkable. The Neutralizer helps create a better color base for your foundation to lay on resulting in a better coverage, which is the whole point of foundation. And since it's oil-free, there's no fear for breaking out or irritating the skin.

Neutralizer can be used as a contour makeup as well. But use with caution! It may look like a light cream-colored foundation in the bottle, but when it hits the skin it is definitely a greeny-yellowy liquid. It's not meant to be used on it's own unless your skin is so fair that you can get away with it.

Bottom line: if you suffer or know someone who battles with rosacea, the LORAC Oil-Free Neutralizer is worth a try. You can get your hands on it at Ulta and Sephora and see for yourself. You can also order it online at LORAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Ulta, and of course The retail price is $30 US but the .90fl oz bottle lasts a long time. One pump is almost always too much. Little goes a long way with this one!