Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gimme that Base!

Sometimes finding the right eyeshadow base can feel like big game hunting on the Moon. Impossible.
Creaseless eye art is the goal, and I've found a couple contenders you may want to try.

Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray
Photo courtesy of BeneFitCosmetics via Amazon
 Stay Don't Stray by BeneFit Cosmetics

1. The Good: Cost is $26 US so it's affordable. Available online and in department stores such as Ulta, Sephora, most Macy's, BeneFit Cosmetics, Amazon.com, etc. The texture is liquidy. Easily spreads with finger or cream shadow brush and keeps the eyelids oil free. You can use any type of shadow on it; cream or powder or cream to powder or loose shadow. It keeps your shadow on and if you can use it under your eye, it keeps your concealer in line as well. It color corrects so you may end up using less under eye concealer in the first place.

2. The Meh: It comes in a pump, so you will end up using too much until you get used to the "half pump" and even then, you'll end up with too much. Additionally, you can't see how much product you have left so if you run out mid-application, you're out of luck. It only comes in one color so if you have a tan or are darker complexted, you're in trouble. It'll end up looking chalky and dry and no matter how much you try to color correct, it doesn't blend out. You're stuck. Because of the pump, extra bits of product leak out and can make a bit of a mess. It can be difficult to blend your dry powder shadow if you don't have a light hand.

3.The Verdict: If you have the time and patience to work with it, travel a lot and need to have products that double their use, and are very fair skinned; Stay Don't Stray is fine for you. However I do recommend stopping into a store to physically see and feel the product for yourself.

Laura Mercier Eye Canvas
Photo courtesy of Laura Mercia via Amazon.com
 Laura Mercier Eye Canvas

1. The Good: Cost is $26 US. Available online and in department stores such as Sephora, some Macy's, Amazon.com, LauraMercier.com, Nordstrom, etc. Five colors are available right now. Spreading a thin amount of the creamy base creates an almost magnet-style attraction for eyeshadow. You end up with a true to color result for your shadows. Cream, powder, cream to powder and loose powder shadows work well on this shadow base. Brightens and color corrects the lid, removing any redness and creating a good neutral-skin colored canvas for your colours of choice. Dries down quickly so there's no waiting to put on your eyeshadow. It's easy to blend your eyeshadow on this product even if you accidently get a little heavy handed. The wear is fantastic, I checked my shadow application after 15 hours and my look never faded!

2. The Meh: Though it comes in 5 colors, the color range doesn't go deep. So the same applies here; you could end up with a chalky look if you don't use it sparingly and have a deeper complexion. If you don't have a cream shadow brush, you can use your finger but you'll use too much. Trust me. Plus, you don't want to put your finger into the container, the oils from your fingers break down the product. The pot is glass and the lid plastic which means if you drop it just right you could end up with a shattered eyeshadow base or a cracked lid and the product is garbage bound.

3.The Verdict: I love this product! I recommend testing it yourself to find the right color, but other than that, GO GO GO! I purchased the EC1 (the lightest shade), and it brightens and makes the eyespace look more open. The texture is lovely and creamy, doesn't drag on the tender skin of the eyelid and you can't argue with results. It worked so well after a particularly trying evening of karaoke, dancing around like a maniac and of course, adult beverages; I was thoroughly impressed. Not a single greasy-lookin' crease and the colors were the same as when I first applied it. Highly recommended!

What counts the most is that your eyeshadow base does it's job: keep your eyeshadow looking the way you want it until you want to take it off. If what you use right now (or if you don't use any) isn't cutting it; give one of these two a try! You might find a whole new world in your pallette of shadows once your base is doing it's job.

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