Monday, December 5, 2011

For those of us in Winter mode

Dry skin is vexing many of us this time of year. Scales appearing on your hands or legs can send a girl into an apoplectic search for MOISTURE!

I've found a terrific source, Alba Botanica Very Emollient body lotion (unscented original) Above you can see the giant bottle I managed to score on clearance one day (woo hoo!!) and beside it is the "old" regular sized bottle (they've since changed the appearance into more of a squared off shape, reminiscent of the Hemp lotions I've seen on the market).

I was first recommended Alba by a professional waxer. She stated that for a less painful Brazilian (yeeeeeeeow does it hurt!) to exfoliate with Dermotologica body exfoliant and then hydrate with Alba. Because Alba contains no parabens (waxes) it's a better hydration for the sensitive waxed areas. At the time, she insisted that it could only be found at specialty stores like Sprouts or Henry's and was retailing for the smaller bottle (on the right) around $15 US give or take.  That's a lot for me to pay for a lotion that was solely for, feminine wiles. However I've been able to find both the new bottles and the large bottles at Target and Wal-Mart well under the $15 price tag from the specialty store. Alba does have a website ( which has in it's Contact Us section a link to retailers in several countries.

Once I started using Alba, I couldn't stop! I tried it as a basic lotion all over and was pleased at the quick absorption rate, pleasant non-smell smell (it has a scent because everything has a scent, but it's not overbearing I've found), and most of all the result; smooth hydrated skin that didn't feel sticky!
Added bonuses: 100% Vegetarian Ingredients with No Animal Testing and No Artificial Colors.

Alba can be used whenever needed without greasy after feel all over the body, I've even used it in a pinch as a face moisturizer. It always leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and most of all feeling like skin!

What's your favorite winter find for your skin?

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  1. I stayed at a chic little boutique hotel in San Diego and although the experience was wonderful, I had no idea their complimentary toiletries would lend me to a new addiction. H20 Sea Salt body butter is amazing!! Non-greasy, all natural and leaves my skin supple and moist all day. It's pricey, but I've decided you get what you pay for in this world! Worth every penny: