Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top 10 Beauty items in my Beach Bag

Let's be clear: I'm not really a "Beach Person". I'm barely a "Pool Person". But, it's Summer and Beach/Pool products are flying off shelves.
Here are 10 I would keep in my arsenal.
1. Sunglasses. That's a "duh"
2. Sunscreen: my favorite spray is Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunscreen SPF 70 since I'm super fair.
3. Sunscreen Face: YES YOU NEED TWO. Clairins used to make a broad spectrum 55+ oil-free for face, which I still own but can't seem to find on clairinsusa.com now.
4. Contigo water bottle, the trigger one. It's just easier!
5. Giant towel and small towel. One to lay on,  one to use as a pillow or actual drying.
6. Contact solution and lens case. (See below) Because there's nothing worse than trying to rest and relax while wearing lenses. If you manage to nap, it feels like potato chips in your eyes once you wake up.
7. Decently SPF-d lip balm, colored or not. A little lip balm color isn't tacky, I promise.
8. Some sort of bag to carry all your stuff,  preferably one that is easily washed.
9. A wide tooth comb and some sort of leave in treatment, like an Argan oil for your hair. DON'T oil your face and bod.
10. Some sort of cleaning wipe that can be used on face or body. Somehow, somewhere you're going to touch something sticky or dirty. Have baby wipes in your bag, trust me.


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