Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WEN, it's time for Fall

I'm elated! My enormous 32oz Ginger Pumpkin WEN showed up yesterday!
Purchased from, this warm and dreamy scented beauty debuted last year at the launch of the Seasonal Scents.
I love this hair product in the first place, but wrap it in spicy ginger and warm pumpkin and I'LL PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE WEN!

The scrumptious Fall scent just came back, but it's going to be limited release, surely. If you're a fan of WEN, then give the regular size bottle a try. QVC pricing for the 16oz bottle is $29 plus S&H and applicable tax.
Since I've already established my adoration, I jumped at the chance to get the BIG size, 32oz Ginger Pumpkin WEN for around $60 plus S&H and taxes. However when I went back to check the pricing, I couldn't find the big size! It may have sold out, I'm not surprised one bit.
I'm a big fan of Fall, and the Seasonal WEN is only adding to my fandom. :)

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