Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fall-ing for these colors (even in Summer).

I've got a new nail polish obsession.

China Glaze: The Hunger Games Collection colors in Foie Gras (left) and Dress Me Up (right).

Foie Gras is a plum-ish brown which sounds hideous, but looks lovely after two coats. More like a melted milk chocolate than duck, Foie Gras looks terrific on it's own or paired with a creamy-yellow-white or blue toned accent color. Don't be afraid to experiment! The color is rich but not goth.

Dress Me Up is a soft warm pink-brown. Now, in the picture it does appear more brown than pink, but in person I'd say it resembles a well worn ballet slipper. Muted, but by no means boring! Somewhere between neutral and professional.

Both colors have great color saturation, (I'm not a big fan of sheer washes on my nails unless the color is super neon bright or baby pink) two coats was all I needed. I don't see a problem with wearing these colors in any season. They feel very "grown-up"

Again, amazon.com is my shopping destination of choice for my polishes. However I did my homework! I looked to ChinaGlaze.com for color swatches and options.

What do you think? Would you wear either of these?

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